Reminder about our opening times

Reminder about our opening times

A polite reminder to everyone about our opening and closing times…

Our opening times are set to allow us time to spend exercising the dogs, cleaning and feeding all guests and where necessary administering essential medications to pets before we open to the public.

All bedrooms are available from the time we open, so please do not arrive early as bedrooms are not always available, particularly in peak times.
(The only exception is Doggy Day Care where bedrooms are pre-booked.)

If you have an early start we suggest booking your pets in with us the day before or alternatively if possible, arranging someone else to bring your pet to us.

We are closed over lunch to allow all the guests to have a chance to relax and have some quiet time with no disturbances.

Thank you for your co-operation 😊

Our opening times are:
• Monday to Saturday 10am to 12pm & 3pm to 6pm
• Sunday 10:30am to 12:30pm & 3pm to 4pm
• Bank Holidays 10am to 12pm ONLY
• Christmas period – reduced hours (please enquire)


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