Things To Remember: CATS

Before arriving with your cat please read our list of things to remember, tips and additional information.


  • Our opening times are:
    Monday to Saturday – 10am to 12pm OR 3pm to 6pm
    Sunday – 10:30am to 12:30pm OR 3pm to 4pm
    Bank Holidays – 10am to 12pm ONLY
    Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Day – we are closed to customers
    If these opening times are not suitable to you, please speak to us when making your booking and we will try to accommodate you.
  • Current vaccination certificates signed by your vet.
  • Your cat must have had their vaccination at least 2 weeks prior to their holiday; you may want to check they are going to be in date for their stay with us.
  • Bedding – vet beds, blankets and towels are ideal items as they are easy to wash.  We can supply bedding if you would prefer.
  • Favourite toys to help your cat feel more at ease; don’t worry if you don’t bring any, we have lots of toys available so you can rest assured your cat will be given something to keep them occupied.
  • If your cat uses a scratch post at home we do suggest you bring it with you.
  • If your cat is on a prescribed diet please bring this with you.  We feed cats on dry IAMS and Whiskas meat, if you don’t think your cat will eat this we do suggest you bring your own food.
  • Medicine – if your cat is on any medication prescribed or not, please bring this with you along with instructions on how much to administer and when.  If your cat is diabetic and requires insulin to be injected please provide a sharps box.  Please note there will be an additional charge for administering insulin.
  • Let us know if your cat hasn’t been their usual self, not eating for example or doing anything out of character, most importantly, if they have been sneezing.  We may advise they see a vet before their holiday with us.
  • Please do not overfeed your cat prior to their arrival or feed them anything out of the ordinary for them as it may cause an upset tummy.
  • If your cat doesn’t like car journeys or may get stressed out prior to their arrival we do recommend using Feliway for a short time before they come in and we can continue to do so after their arrival.  We Feliway all cat chalets before you arrive.

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