Changes to our vaccination policy

We now require a 3 WEEK PERIOD (previously a 2 week period) between vaccinations including the kennel cough and your dog’s holiday. We cannot stress enough how important this is, if there is not enough time between the vaccinations being done and the stay, as much as we don’t want to, you will be turned away. If the vaccinations and kennel cough are out of date, you will be turned away.
Unfortunately your deposit will also be forfeited.
We don’t want to seem harsh or unfair, but this is the policy, it is for the safety of all the other pets already staying with us.
Please please please check your vaccination cards so you know when your dogs are due for their booster and kennel cough and if it is near to a stay with us, then you may need to get it done early in order to make the 3 weeks. Also remember, if the booster has lapsed the course may need to be restarted, this means your dog will require 2 separate injections on 2 separate occasions, the 3 week period would be AFTER the 2nd vaccination.
The cat vaccination policy remains the same, we ask for a 2 week period after the booster has been done and the stay. Again, if there isn’t enough time between the booster being done and the stay or the vaccination hasn’t been done, you will be turned away and your deposit forfeited.
Also, like the dogs, if the cat booster has lapsed and the course needs restarting, the 2 week period would be after the SECOND injection.
If anyone would like to discuss any of this with us for clarification, or to work out dates to get vaccinations done, by all means give us a ring, send us a message or an email and will happily explain things further with you.
Thank you.
The Lower Mill Team 🐶🐱🐾

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